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Battle Of The Bulge
Hitler's last offensive proved to be one of the most threatening challenges to growing Allied supremacy in Europe near the close of of World War II. Retreating on all fronts, with British, American and Soviet forces ready to plunge into the Reich, Hitler launched an offensive on the Western Front which caught the Allies by surprise. The plan was to force a wedge through the Allied position in Belgium, return the port of Antwerp to German hands, and turn the tide of war in favour of Germany. With the 82nd Airborne trapped in Bastogne after the Malmedy Massacre, things looked bad for the Americans who were being caught in a giant trap. The arrival of Patton's Third Army stopped Hitler's final offensive in its tracks, and by early January 1945 the fate of the Third Reich was sealed.

John Pimlott, a Sandhurst scholar, tells the story of the Battle of the Bulge and the entire Ardennes Offensive with his customary clarity. Illustrated by 100 photographs, line drawings and technical illustrations, Battle of the Bulge is a colourful account of the last great battle fought in World War II.
John Pimlott
Bison Books
ISBN 0 86124 031 6
Kevin Clingham

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