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Jagdwaffe Volume 5 Section 4: Jet fighters And Rocket Interceptors 1944 -1945
The ‘Jagdwaffe’ series represents one of the most comprehensive pictorial accounts of the air war in Europe between 1939 and 1945 from the standpoint of the Luftwaffe, its aircraft and its aircrew. Each volume incorporates more than 200 rare images, many previously unpublished, alongside specially commissioned colour artwork, detailed narrative and personal reminiscences. As such, the books provide a unique insight into the men and equipment of the Luftwaffe during this period.

The final volume in the series covers the final phase of World War 2 in Europe, with the German forces on the retreat in Italy and on both the Western and Eastern fronts. For the Luftwaffe, increasingly short of serviceable aircraft and, more importantly, trained pilots to fly them, it was a period when supremacy over the sky was ceded to the victorious Allies. Although the recently-introduced jet aircraft promised a great deal in terms of performance against more traditional aircraft types, production was limited and their arrival was too late to swing the tide of war in Germany’s favour. With the might of the Allied bombing fleets appearing regularly over the skies of Germany and with raw materials, in particular aviation fuel, increasingly scarce, the last months of the war represented a struggle for the aircrew, where few expected to survive.

Widely praised for the quality of images, information and artwork, the ’Jagdwaffe’ series builds into a comprehensive archive of information on the Luftwaffe and its colours and markings during the war. No serious student of the period can afford to miss this addition to a highly successful series.
J. Richard Smith & Eddie J. Creek
Ian Allan
ISBN 1 903223 52 0

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