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Osprey Aircraft of the Aces: Men & Legends 03: Soviet Aces Of World War 2
Although initially equipped with very poor aircraft and robbed of effective leadership, due as much to Stalin's purges in the late 1930s as to the efforts of the Luftwaffe, Soviet fighter pilots soon turned the tables through the use of lend-lease aircraft like the Hurricane, Spitfire, P-39 and P-40, and home-grown machines like the MIG-3, LaGG-3/5, Lavochkin La-5/7/9 and Yak-1/3. The later Yaks and Lavochkins were easily superior to the Bf 109 and Fw 190 at low-level, the favoured 'killing field' of pilots like Khozedub and Poryshkin, both of whom finished with higher scores than the leading pilots of the West. This volume aims to dispel many of the myths about combat on the Eastern Front.
Hugh Morgan
ISBN 84-8372-209-7

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