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The Illustrated Guide To Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World
* An illustrated catalogue of over 170 armoured fighting vehicles from around the world, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, with 700 photographs.
* Examines the wide variety of roles played by these vehicles throughout their 100-year history, from the first armoured cars in the 1900s, the coming of age of self-propelled artillery and amphibious infantry assault vehicles in World War II, through to modern peacekeeping armoured personnel carriers and the multi-role vehicles of today.
* A range of wheeled and tracked vehicles are featured, from the Lanchester Armoured Car and M3 Half-Track Infantry Carrier to the LVTP-7 Armoured Amphibious Assault Vehicle, Scud Missile System and Warrior Mechanised Combat Vehicle.
* Specification boxes provide information about each AFV's official name, date, country of origin, weight, dimensions, armament, armour thickness, powerplant, speed and range.
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The Club Library is an open resource for all Club Members. All the books listed are available for general reading or as an aid to modelling research. Any Member can borrow any amount of the listed books — just email the Club Secretary with a list of the titles required and you can either collect from the Secretary’s home address or at the next Club meeting.

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